Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a wonderful weekend! Two baptisms are always wonderful! Brandon was baptized first, with me then baptizing Yuni! The really sweet thing was that I got to say the baptismal prayer in Indonesian, though it did take some practice to get that done. Brandon and Yuni were so happy when they were baptized, and the confirmations went wonderfully too! Thankfully, I confirmed Brandon, so I got to do that in English. They are so excited to be members of the Church. What a wonderful blessing.

Sister Catherine passed away on Thursday, so we went to her wake on Sunday. It's the third one I''ve been to in the last few months. It was especially hard to see Brother Woo and Shu Yan break down. It hurts when you see people whom you care for hurting so badly. I can only hope that the gospel which Brother Woo has so recently accepted will help him, and that Shu Yan will find peace as we teach her about the plan of salvation, and what it has done and can do for each one of us. These experiences have only helped me to appreciate my parents more. I'm glad that I've been able to recognize that they love me so much, and I only hope that I can reciprocate that love. It's definitely a far cry from high school when I thought the nagging and lectures were random bouts of frustration. Now I know that they were wonderful expressions of my mother's and father's love for me. After mission time is parent time!

We got to see Rhea earlier this week. She is doing well and is really excited with what we are teaching her. She is asking questions about some of our beliefs in relation to her Catholic upbringing, but we have been able to clarify and answer her concerns. She excited for her upcoming baptism, and we're excited for her too! Her employers, who are members too, are a great help. It's also good that her sister is a member of the Church.

Been on exchanges these past couple of days. A companionship in my district has been having some issues, so I counseled with them, and took them on splits to separate them for awhile. Throughout the two days, as I was figuring out what to do, I asked for advice from the Zone Leaders, the Assistants, and President. They gave some advice, but mostly, they left the decision up to me. It was a relatively new experience, but a good one, because it helped me to make decisions on the spot, and also to rely very much on the Spirit as I tried to figure out what the best decisions to make were.

As we were walking to the bus stop from our appointment with Rhea, we walked past a guy who was sitting at a table and waiting. Something told me to turn around, which turned into a good little lesson on the plan of salvation. As we sat at the bus stop across the street afterward, I watched as the man read the pamphlet rather thoroughly. It was, as always, a good reminder that everyone should have the opportunity to listen to the message that we share, and that there are people who are waiting to hear it. I only hope that I will not lose that zeal after my mission.

I think Pamela got anti-ed.

Patricia is doing alright. She has her priorities focused somewhere else ow, but we're still holding her interest, and has some really good questions, so we're praying that things will continue to progress.

Marna Lee is the helper for the Daynes'. I home taught them for two years while I was still in high school, so I got to know her pretty well. It took a couple calls to persuade her, but she agreed. We had a relatively good discussion, but we'll have to go slowly with her. Slow but steady wins the race!

Cisca is progressing slowly. We hit a road block with coffee, so we're working on helping her overcome that. We're going to get her to switch over to Mountain Dew and wean her off from that! She was actually fed coffee when she was a baby! No wonder she is having such a hard time getting off it!

Well, Elder Ng-Woon is training again so he gets transferred on Thursday. I'm getting my second non-American companion in a row, Elder Lamat from Kuching Malaysia. He's an Iban! (one of the tribes in East Malaysia). It should be fun!

Still working on trying to develop quiet dignity and a spiritual maturity. It's a constant upward struggle, but we go onward!

-Elder Chua

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