Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So when I talk about weeks, it normally goes from Wednesday to Wednesday, since preparation days are on Wednesday. Well, the "week" didn't start of too well. We were dropped by an investigator who we met with for the first time. He had met other Elders before, but he said that he didn't want his family to be upset, so he returned the pamphlets and Book of Mormon which he said was hard to read, even though it was in Vietnamese. Slightly frustrating. Had to go to our ward mission leader's home after that without the investigator.

We had a great rest of the week though! We met up with Ahmed, our Malay investigator who is rather interested. He's a freethinker, so that's good. It's been fun teaching him because he has been exploring and studying many different religions. We met up with Leah again and had another wonderful appointment with her. She really is excited to be baptized, and so we're excited too!

Alvin is still doing good, and is set! He came to Church this past Sunday and loved it, as with Leah. We had four at Church, which was wonderful, and the Zone is at its best since last year, even with the withdrawal of missionaries.

We helped with teaching one of our member's children. She's a single Mom and wanted us to review some gospel teachings with her before her baptism in a couple of weeks. who is getting baptized in a couple of weeks. It's always sad to see that, where there isn't a complete family. The family as an institution really is under attack. Just the other day, I was contacting a man at the MRT while waiting for an investigator. The conversation was going good till I asked him if he wanted to learn more, then he went of our Church's Prop 8 stance! Was I surprised! He knew a lot about the Church, and wasn't too opposed to it. He was just rather offended since he himself had those same-gender attraction tendencies. He did give me his email, so we'll see how that goes. But, it really is sad to see the world really twisting the view of family. The First Presidency stated that "By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners." We each have individual responsibilities as men and women.
Met a wonderful girl that I contacted, but unfortunately, she lives in the other Elder's area! She was very much willing to listen though. As I said before, it is amazing and a joy to find those who are sincerely seeking for happiness and truth.
Getting to know the members well, had a couple of good dinner appointments. I really like the members, they are really friendly, and some of them have really been starting to help us, so that's been great.

We've had quite a few appointments these couple of days, so we're off to a good start.

Been studying the Old Testament. Finally got through Leviticus and now in numbers. To be honest, it's been terribly boring, but I'm pushing through. I've been trying to take a break from that and reading from The Book of Mormon. Been blessed to gain so many meaningful insights.

Well, have a great week!

-Elder Chua

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Thinking

Pretty busy week, but busy is good! This upcoming week though.. we have so much to do! Appointments… office work… planning…. Anyhow, it's been a decent week. We worked hard in the office. The Clark's were in, so that was good. But, they're off again in Hong Kong for a mission president's seminar, so we're alone here again. Still, there's no end to the work we do in the office, and I love it! The days have been going by rather fast, what with that and having all the appointments that we're finally setting up with the two areas that we are covering.

We're getting used to sitting through about 5-6 hours of Church each Sunday now. It's good in the sense that we can get investigators to two wards, and we're having a good time getting to know the members. They're friendly, so that's always good. We've been doing much better this week, as we've finally been able to settle in, but it's still a struggle to prioritize between appointments. Really working on planning well now. Since we're living right by the office now, we actually get to study at home, which means we get to focus, and we're ready and energized for the day!

We set a wonderful man named Alvin on baptism date last week, and he's really ready! He learned from the missionaries a few years ago, but got cold feet. Now, he's right on track because he's come to realize that the fullness of the gospel is found in this Church! He really is embracing the doctrine well. It is always a marvel when you find those who really are searching for the truth and recognize it. In fact, it was him who contacted us!

Leah is another investigator who is really ready for baptism. She is the helper of a member, and has been really excited for her baptism. She can't wait to be with her family forever! Her mother is already a member in the Philippines, so that is great. We're really excited for the both of them, and will continue to find those who have been prepared, as we too prepare ourselves each day to have the Spirit guiding us.

I've been studying from the Old Testament this past couple of weeks. Just finished up with Genesis and Exodus, which really have been amazing, really coming to understand the covenants that they made with the Lord in those days, and now, the covenants that we make as we become members of the Church, and, of course, the covenant that we renew each Sunday. We were talking about gifts of the Spirit in Gospel Principles. Part of that lesson entailed a short discussion of the concept of "always having His Spirit to be with us." It really gave me the opportunity to think about the sacrament. It's just been too trivial from me from time to time. But, I guess I'm learning bit by bit to link the Atonement with the Sacrament in a very real sense, knowing that it is something that we really are supposed to be thinking about, and remembering that it was something very real and sacred, that remembering it helps us to understand how the Lord "makes weak things become strong." I've really been impressed by the women of the Old Testament, namely Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel . Their obedience to the Lord was so admired, that the Lord commanded Abraham that "in all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice."

Well, we're going to continue on in all that we do. Some days, it really is hard, but we continue to do our best.

"The Best is Yet to Be!"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Abraham's Blessings

I was just thinking about how yesterday was supposed to have been my two year mark. I was supposed to have been home now, and getting ready to go to school. But, life always is unexpected, isn't it? I have thought a few times as to whether or not I would have preferred ending now, or whether that year at BYU was well worth it. Though my grades definitely don't show it, I am very grateful for the opporunities afforded to me these past few years, especially those months at the Y. I loved it. I really do think that everything has happened for a reason, and that Heavenly Father had a hand in that.

We've had a pretty normal week, to be honest, it was rather hard and uneventful. We've been working to make sure we're keeping everything up to date in the office, and also trying to cover two wards/areas at the same time. It hasn't helped that I came down with bronchitis.

We went to a Bedok Ward activity on Saturday, which was really fun! The members are great and really like the missionaries. Hopefully we stay there for awhile. Their ward had been white-washed so many times, and they don't really know what's going on. We have a good ward mission leader, Brother Sakamoto, and he really does his best to help us out. It was fun to get to meet the members because some of them know my Mom – she was in that ward years ago, and they remember her well.

Sunday was rather crazy because we had to go to Bedok in the morning, then had to rush over to Ang Mo Kio in the afternoon. There's a half hour gap between the ward's meeting times, so it's definitely a rush, and we have to try and figure out lunch too. One of the members brought a colleague, so that was great! After that, we went back to the office to do some work, then headed over to a member's home for dinner.

We've been setting quite a few appointments, but no one has actually been meeting with us! They either have been canceling or not turning up, so it has been rather discouraging. We're really trying to work on building our areas up. The office has been really busy, what with missionaries going home, and some new policies and paperwork that had been implemented. We also have seventeen missionaries coming in this month, so we're working on the orientation for them. I'm really learning to be a better organizer and planner now. Messes are not good in any work place! I really wish that I was a better planner. Oh well, we improve as we go along huh? Poor Elder Austin isn't the biggest fan of the office. He's a great missionary, and very smart too, so the paper work in the office isn't his favorite thing in the world. Trying to figure out what to do/say.

I was having a rather hard day yesterday. Too much to do, and the Elders just weren't participating or listening in District Meeting. I was training on obedience, and they weren't excited at all. I thought it was alright. At least I learned for myself how I can, should, and must be more obedient to receive the blessings of the seed of Abraham. Took a great section out of Elder Bednar's talk "Becoming A Missionary" that really discussed that responsibility, and the blessings associated with it. Anyhow, the meeting ended, and I was just really blue. Went through the mail, not expecting anything (since no one has written in three or four months), and had the surprise of my life. One of my friends who's doing a term in Mexico had sent a postcard, and the missionary who baptized me, and his wife, had sent a package. It really made my day, just knowing that someone actually cared. I really am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who watches out and cares for his children.

Hopefully our appointments work out the rest of the week. It really is that hope we have to cling on to. It's hard, but we'll pull through.

I've been studying the Old Testament this past week, and of course read through the story of Abraham's sacrifice of Issac. It really gave me a boost to see the level of obedience that Abraham operated at, the sacrifice he was willing to make, and what it represented. I really haven't been focused enough on the Savior this past week. I've been studying, but not remembering the Savior's life at all. I guess I've been looking at all the small parts, but not the big picture. Well, that's going to change! The blessings promised to Abraham are promised to us also. We have to work for it and be worthy, but it's well worth it!

Hope that you are all having a great end to your summer!

-Elder Chua

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It has been a hectic week, what with switching wards, apartments, and absorbing a new area. But, it has been fun. We ended up having a few appointments towards the end of the week, where we said goodbye to ourinvestigators. We also went on exchanges with the Elders taking over our area, and went to the Sisters area so that we could have a smooth transition. Taking Bedok Ward has been good because the missionaries left us a solid area. We will also have Ang Mo Kio under our charge. The problem is that we have to manage the office too, and so we're working on juggling all three. It is a challenge, but I must admit, it's tremendously fun! We're busy, and I like that! It will be really fun to kick start everything!

We met up with Velmurugan Friday night, just to see how he was doing and to say goodbye. Had a really good meeting with him. I've said before but I'll say it again. We had a wonderful discussion and Book of Mormon reading. He'll be alright. Saw Phoenix and Pan also. I hope she gets baptized.

Packing and unpacking has been rather busy. We had to clean the Pasir Panjang house which is really big. There was dirt in places where we didn't expect it.

Met a couple ward members this week, we'll be meeting more as the week goes on. Starting to get sick, so I'll be watching out for my health!

Hope that ya'll have a great week!

-Elder Chua