Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Week

Not enough time!!!!

We've had yet another decent week. Nothing too spectacular.

Elder Teng ended up spending the weekend with us because he had his hand slammed in the door, so they kept him here for a few days to make sure that it was alright.

Met a few new investigators, which has actually worked out pretty well, especially since a few have been member referrals. Sister Regina is a really awesome member who helps us with finding those referrals. She is really humble and talks to everyone about the gospel. Unfortunately not all the members are like her. I guess humility really is key to missionary work.

We had ten at Church, so that was awesome, but we are struggling a little to set people on baptism date. Have to get them to meet up with us first. Got to go to a few members' houses, so that was nice.

Received another hate letter, this time two churches had their names listed on it though. It's rough sometimes, but what to do? Just do your best to spread the gospel the way you can, and with all your might! Haha, I sound like a religious zealot sometimes, but I have less than six months left! Have to go at it.

Sister Maureen, a member, had us meet with her nephew. He's really nice and I think will take the time to see whether we teach something that makes sense to him.

Learning day by day how to be more humble and patient, especially with people. Those really are my weak points. So how is everyone doing anyhow? Oh, right. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! We're going for dinner at the Clark's in a short while.

-Elder Chua

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