Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Ideal Mormons" and "Desire"

This week has gone by really fast. With this one hour limit now, I keep forgetting to write out this weekly email, so it's going to be pretty short too!

Well, the week actually went by really fast. Since the other area in my district got whitewashed, I went to Church with them on Sunday, and I'll be going one more time this week. It's fun because I have worked in two of the three areas. It's been good to visit them. Monday and Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Sederholm, my Zone Leader. It went really well, and we really do teach well together! We are still working on rebuilding our teaching pool. We have a couple of promising investigators, but we'll have to see how that goes.

Ethel got anti-ed again. She really must be someone that the adversary wants to bother. It really is annoying, well, more frustrating sometimes when things like this happen. I don't understand why people hate us so much. I guess I understand it, since it was all predicted in the scriptures, but sometimes, it would be nice if it were just a little easier. Heavenly Father will prepare a way for His children to return to live with Him if they want to though.

Shu Yang and Angel are two member referrals that we taught that are doing alright.

Met an Indian man who wants to learn, though I think it's more intellectual than Spiritual at the moment. Still open though.

Feline is a former that was taught in 2003 and 2006. We're now teaching her in 2009. Funny. She was Taoist when they first taught her, but now she's Christian. Go figure.

Robbie is another former we're working on. He's got good questions, but not the desire yet.

Speaking of desire, we met a man named AJ on Monday from the potential list. He was really friendly, but just said he had no desire to really learn about religious or spiritual things. He said that he had a lot of things happen to him. When we asked him if he was happy, he replied that he was content, then added that he was happy. But, it was painfully obvious to see the hurt in his eyes. Some things that have happened that have numbed him to the point where I think he just is thinking that "if there is a God, I don't want to know about Him because He doesn't love me." That really saddens me.

Did district training on "Ideal Mormons." It was a good reminder to myself that EVERY child of God has the right to learn, and then to accept or reject the gospel. No judgements on our part to decide if someone needs it. Zone Conference last week was good. Received training on teaching by the Spirit, planning, and remembering the Lord. Uplifting, really.

Working to help Elder Lamat with English and teaching. Rather frustrating sometimes, but he is trying. Good Elder. On my part, I need more humility and patience.

Well, not too much time. Got to go. Have a wonderful week. Thanksgiving next week!

-Elder Chua

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Jared said...

Hey happy Thanksgiving, love ready your blog not sure if you check your comments. Things in Utah are going well, it is getting colder and also getting darker earlier, so thats a bummer...but the snow season is at our doorstep, yeah.
J. Weber