Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Love Is The Motive"

A summary of the week:

We've had a few wonderful appointments this week! We met a few new investigators, both formers and people who we had contacted previously. Luis, one of Elder Longmore's former investigators, met up to have a lesson, but also to show us a bunch of certificates he had won as a hotel doorman. He's a really nice man, and we enjoyed talking to him. Hopefully it moves on to spiritual awards. Brother Ng, who helped us with the lesson, was really good in motivating Luis to come to Church. Unfortunately, Luis wasn't well on Sunday. There's always next week.

Met with a Myanmar investigator who was more interested in comparing religions. Fortunately, his wife was very friendly and had an interest in the Plan of Salvation. She is expecting, and the message about eternal families definitely held her interest.

Two new Mandarin Elders came in this past week, Elder Ngo and Elder Nightingale. They seem to be great Elders, and really excited for the work. I was able to go with Elder Ngo for a day. Smart kid! He went to Harvard for a year. Had fun teaching him to contact, and a good dinner appointment.

Joanne is an investigator who has been learning for a long time, but has not been able to get baptized because her parents want her to wait till she's 21. Unfortunately, she hasn't come to Church for a long time or met with the missionaries, but we were finally able to last week. We had a wonderful lesson with her as we read the story of Esther, and helped her to understand her position and destiny as a daughter of God. It was a beautiful lesson, whereby the Spirit taught, and we were instruments in the Lord's hands. We're working on getting her back! She knows it's true, and it really is promising.

Brother Jay, a member in Bedok, has been doing a great job talking to his friends about the Church, one of whom was willing to meet with us. We had a great discussion with him. He really was willing to listen. What this friend, Ganesh, said was that he really admired and respected Brother Jay for the values that he lived. It was a good example of how our examples are teachers of the gospel, in and of themselves. More often that we realize, people are looking to us to be a beacon in a sea of shifting values. I hope to follow that example.

Shu Ching is a former who is still not willing to commit. Bah.

Leah is doing good. Still coming to Church and excited. Working on keeping Alvin active. Good guy.

Met up with an inactive and his wife. Talked to them about families and actually set up a return appointment to have family home evening with them! It was great because the member didn't really want the appointment, but the non-member wife set it up. Talk about a change of heart.

Cisca has really been thinking about what we've taught her. She's praying and progressing.

Yuni, one of our investigators on baptism date, is progressing really well and excited with all that we are teaching her. Heavenly Father has really blessed us with one of his prepared children, which really is a blessing . We were able to set another baptism date with Andrew, a referral from a member in the Philippines. He really wants to find the truth, and already has a budding testimony, because he has a desire to learn, that is growing fast into a mighty faith.

Gave an area book training to the Stake Presidency and Bishoprics, because we're implementing a new program where the missionaries will work a lot more closely with the ward to endure that no one is left behind.

Good week! Still really tired though.

Well, gave this week's training on how love is our motive for doing the work. As I taught the training, I realized how true it was, especially after I met a Baptist on the train later on in the afternoon who already "knew" all about the Mormons. As we come to really love, then we will become true disciples of Christ.

In closing, I can testify along with Sister Marilyn Bateman that "Love is itself a gift. It is difficult for us to love others if we are not loved. Sometimes we don't feel loved or at all lovable. At these times it may be difficult for us to feel motivated to exercise faith or to show love. But God loves us. He loves us more than we can comprehend at this time. We need to come to understand how great His love is: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). Many converts to the Church report the overwhelming joy they feel in being converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They feel God's love for them, and it is this love that entices them to be baptized and follow Him. John reminded us, "We love him, because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19). I, too, have felt this love, a burning love that encompasses my whole soul. When it is in you, it lights you, all of you, and transforms you. Our obedience takes on new meaning as we cross over from keeping the letter of the law and begin to keep the spirit of the law. Obedience, faith, and love are not easily separated out from each other. The source of our faith comes from understanding the nature of God--that He is a good and loving God who has the power to save us. The source of our obedience rests in a love for God and in the faith that by keeping the commandments we will partake more fully of God's love."

-Elder Chua

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