Thursday, September 10, 2009


This week has been rather crazy. But, it has been a bundle of fun. We had sixteen missionaries come in this past week. We had a really fun time with that. I gave the training on Singapore, then also gave them a workshop on time management and organizational skills (not that I'm particularly good at that). It was really fun though. We had a great time getting to know them, and taking them to eat some Indian food for their first meal here.

We just had our email time restricted to one hour so I'm trying to type this as fast as possible. Anyhow, Elder Pulver has been great. He's really excited about the work, and so we've been playing off one another. Also, we have been doing well in the office. Having new policies and whatnot implemented, along with new forms.

Some of our appointments were good, and one in particular left a rather bad taste in our mouth. We met with a former investigator named John, who we met at a hawker center while he was drinking his beer. It started off well enough, but what ended up happening was him telling us how smart he was for reading the Koran, and Buddha's teachings, the Bible and other writings. It didn't seem to do much good though, he still had an apathetic view towards religion. He ended up telling us that we were close minded and rather arrogant, so we decided to bear our testimonies, but he started swearing at us, so we ditched the appointment. Sometimes that's just how it goes.

We had a setback with Alvin. He didn't come to Church, and had texted a member saying he had doubts, and wasn't sure if he could obey all the commandments. But then, he suddenly appeared at the end of the three hours and said he was good. Unfortunately, that obviously wasn't something that could happen. We sat down with him on Tuesday, his actual baptism date, and also was interviewed by President Clark because a member who knew him felt that he ought too. He got the all clear, so we're back on track!

Leah is doing amazing. She'll be baptized this Saturday! We had five investigators and Church, and we have investigators that are really starting to get excited and progress. Also, we have had a great few days contacting, finding some really wonderful people who are willing to learn about the gospel. Our appointments have been good and the members are helping us! It truly has been a joyous week. I am happy! :)

-Elder Chua

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