Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flooding the Church

Elder Pulver and I have had many adventures since the start of our companionship, and it continues on!

We've been teaching Cisca, and she's making good progress. The only concern we're trying to resolve is to help her understand the concept, or the reality of one true Church on this Earth today. Other than that, everything is going well with her. We have a bit of a language barrier, since I don't speak Malay. Elder Pulver is doing well with that, though the dictionary is needed sometime.

Yuni is another member's helper whom we've started teaching. She's been coming to Church for the past six months to help take care of their kids in primary, but only recently have they asked her if she wanted to learn. She told us that she had just been waiting for them to ask! Our first lesson with her was amazing. Elder Pulver was teaching in Malay again, and I picked up some snippets. She's really excited about all of this and accepted a date for baptism in early October!

Church was good. We had five investigators there. We had a couple last minute surprises, where some who we expected to turn up didn't, and those whom we weren't expecting came! We have had a good week with finding new investigators, so that has been wonderful.

Samantha, a less-active who we've been working with, is progressing so well! She came to Church last Sunday, and has been reading from The Book of Mormon. It's often easy to forget our duty, understanding that bringing back lost sheep to the fold includes inactive members, not just non-members.

We contacted a referral from a mission in Chile. When we got to the house, only the Mom of the referral was there, but she was really excited to see us, so we hope to work with those two new referrals!

On the way home on Saturday, we met two Nigerians who are studying here. They didn't make it to Church, but we met with one of them, Frank, yesterday. He was really friendly and had questions about baptism by immersion, and said that he'd read. Hopefully it all works out.
Two new Mandarin missionaries came in yesterday. They know Elder Nef, one of my good friends! It was a hectic day.

Had District Training on Faith, taught them about the power that we can receive from active faith, and it was good to see them a little more lively than normal.

We had Leah's baptism, but not before the adventure of the week… took place. We had switched on the tap for the font and had our appointment with Frank. When we got back up, we found the corridor flooded with water. We unlocked the door to the font, only to find a cascading waterfall down the stairs. What a mess! We spent the next half an hour trying to push the water towards the bathroom. It was carpet by the way, and the water had soaked it. The Bishop came and cracked a few jokes about Noah and the flood and whatnot. Unfortunately, the service center manger, who I don't think likes me very much, happened to come for a meeing and saw the mess. He definitely was not a happy camper. "Hello... Norman!"We had the baptism (a little late, Leah got lost), then had the facilities manager come. We spent the rest of the evening trying to get water out from the carpet. Tiring!

Good week though! It's going to get better! We're going to flood the Earth (and the Church) with the gospel!

-Elder Chua

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