Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Skeltons

This week has been good. I went on exchanges with the Toa Payoh Elders, introduced them to a couple of former investigators, and a new investigator, so that was good. Unfortunately, the new investigator was anti-ed by her cell group leader. Thomas Kwok, a missionary’s brother, has been helping us, since he’s here for an internship. Had our Stake Talent Night on Saturday. That was fun to watch. We ended up having six investigators at Church, which was absolutely amazing! It’s definitely a record set personally in Clementi Ward! We had another good week, continuing on with finding new investigators and meeting some good people. These past two days have been hectic, we have not been able to go out at all, because we have been spending our days at the office, rushing to get everything ready for the new mission president to come. He’s already here actually. In Singapore anyway. He’ll be in the office in about an hour, so we’re waiting for him. It’s been busy! We met up with my parents Tuesday night for dinner, a request from my Dad, which was granted. T’was nice. Besides that, this week has been great, but today, I would like to pay tribute to President and Sister Skelton.

When I got off my mission the first time, President Sklelpromised me that there would be a time that my Dad would change his mind, and that I would be allowed back on my mission again. I went off to BYU, fully expected to have to wait a couple of years. But, as I prayed, my Dad’s heart was softened, and I got to go back out again in under a year. But, in order for that to happen, my Dad has some conditions set. President Skelton did all he could to accede to those requests, talking with the brethren and making all the necessary adjustments, which worked out, and got me back in the field. It was marvelous of him to work so hard to get that to happen.

As I started on my mission the second time round, I was rather apprehensive. I was very excited, but wasn’t sure what to expect. President Skelton was very encouraging, and every time I saw him, he was always ready to greet me with a handshake, and a comment that would always get me laughing. Whenever I had problems or concerns, or just needed someone to talk to, he was always there, ready to listen, and then deliver some sagely wisdom that would always comfort me and help me to understand how the things of life work.

These past six months in the office have been amazing. The lessons learned and experience gained has definitely stretched my limits, and has helped me to grow and be a better person. President’s humor has been great, and his love for Sister Skelton has been evident. The relationship between them is one that I want to have with my wife one day. It is amazing to see the candor in their relationship. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet with them and learn at their feet once again. Words really can’t express the love and respect that I have for them, as with the love and respect that they have shown to me this past year.

Life’s lessons truly are learned through experience, and this has been an amazing journey.

Thank you, President and Sister Skelton.

-Elder Chua

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