Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I have a new companion, Elder Austin from all over Utah County, Utah. He's a way cool guy, and has alredy graduated from college witrh a degree in history. Here's the kicker, he's only 20.

It's been pretty noisy in the office this week, what with five Elders going home, including Elder Palfreyman, my former companion. When we first became companions, he still had more than six months, which seemed like a forever away. But, he's home now! Last week was pretty quiet, because the Clark's and the Assistants were away, so we got quite a lot of work done. These past few days really have been rather hectic, so our areas going crazy too. It's all day preparation day today, since we have Zone Conference tomorrow.

They re-districtized the Zone, so now I have the Bedok Ward Sisters in my district. It's funny reporting with them.

President Clark is really great. He's a nice man, and he'll continue doing a great job, I'm sure of it. These past few weeks have really just gone by in a flash. I don't really know where it has gone. We're teaching a couple of good investigators, but we really have to work on rebuilding our teaching pool again.

We've been teaching Maria, an Indonesian lady whom Elder Wheelwright contacted on his first day here. She's absolutely amazing. She really loves the gospel. She's been Roman Catholic and Anglican before, and she really liked them, but she says that what we have been teaching really conforms with the Bible, and she really loves the doctrines which we teach, because they make so much sense. Talk about someone who has been absolutely prepared for the gospel She even came out with us on Sunday to do some finding! The only problem she has is that she thinks her boss will fire her if she goes to our Church because he is from another denomination and wouldn't approve. It is so sad that people can be controlled like that in today's world. Wealth disparity does not equate to virtual slavery.

We met up with Theodore, working with him, helping him to understand the pre-Earth life.

Met a few other people.

My studies have been going downhill because we have had so much to do, and it is rather frustrating, so we're really going to have to plan better. I have really come to understand how essential planning is to all that we do, both in missionary work, and in life itself.

-Elder Chua

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