Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Imagine What God Can Do With You"

We had Zone Conference this past week, so that is always good! President Clark gave a wonderful training. He talked about the understanding we need to have that God has a purpose for each of us. The slides that he showed us had single sheets of paper used to create marvelous things. It was really interesting and inspiring. He talked about the simple things that we see in life, of what humans can do, and then posed the question, "Can you imagine what God can do with you?" He read John 6:9-13 where the Savior turned five loaves of bread and two small fishes into food that fed five thousand, and again asked, "Imagine what God can do with you?" All things are possible with God, he expounded, talking about how we are here to change lives one at a time, to really see them as people, and not as numbers. It is true that sometimes we are too focused on numbers, and I try each day to really focus more on the people themselves. Along with that, he spoke of the trials that we will face, but, if we endure, we will be able to be the best we can be. As he quoted the maxim, "The roughest seas make the greatest captains."

Our investigators continue to progress in their own ways and in their own realms. They have their setbacks, but so do we. In the end, all we're doing is trying our best, isn't it? We try our best to work past our imperfections, refining ourselves through our trials and shortcomings. I suppose that when it all boils down to a truth, we are who we make ourselves to be, our attitudes, our thoughts, our actions.

We had a good weekly planning session on Saturday. We needed it. Life really doesn't go without a good plan on the outset. I've learned that well.

To be honest, it's been a hard couple of weeks. Not so much that the week has been hard, but rather, I've just been physically exhausted. I just have to take it a little slower and relax just a bit more, I suppose. My district's been commenting about how tense I am. Ah, it'll work out. Just need to take a breather, I suppose.

We did meet up with a really great university student named L.G. He's studying life sciences at NUS, and he really listened to the message of the Restoration. It's a joy when you find those people who want to listen. No matter how hard it is, each ounce of effort that I pit in, I know, is an investment in the true joy of life, even Jesus Christ.

-Elder Chua

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Jared and Laura said...

Long time...I'm glad to hear things are going well. And we missed your birthday, so sorry, but something is in the mail for you. What's your e-mail address??