Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Then Leave The Rest...."


Hope all’s well with everyone this week! It’s been a rather busy couple of weeks. Sorry about not having last week’s blog up. My Mom forgot to put it on. So who is the anonymous person who comments when it doesn’t go up for the week? Would you include your name the next time you make a comment, as in, this week?

Anyhow, Elder Taiamoni is back as a Zone Leader in Singapore because Elder Neil, whom I mentioned last week, is still not doing too well. He’s doing better though, which is great. Went on splits with Elder Richards this week. Since Elder Taiamoni and Elder Perrett are going home at the same time, they pulled one out so that the other could train the new Assistant. The last time Elder Richards and I lived in the same house, I was having my shingles outbreak, so Elder Richards spent three days in the house with me. This time, we went out. But first, we had to get the mail out with Liahonas to the areas in Malaysia. Unfortunately, we did not have enough stamps, so we had to go to the post office, and it ended up costing quite a bit.. quite a shocker actually. But, the missionaries need those magazines…

We’ve had a few good appointments this week. We are still teaching Pan, and she is progressing bit by bit. Last weekend, while we were on those splits, Elder Richards and I went over to teach her, and showed her the production Finding Faith In Christ, which was wonderful, because we really need to help her develop that faith. The Restoration and Plan of Salvation won’t really mean anything to her till she develops that faith in Christ. At the end of the video, she said that she felt something, but she wasn’t sure what it was… sadness… happiness… but we knew what was touching her heart. :) Elder Stone and I went over on Monday again, and taught more about faith. She listened well, and at the end of the lesson, asked if we could return the next day. We were excited! Went over last night, taught her about repentance and baptism, and challenged her again, but she declined. She said that she wanted to finish the third lesson first, then she’ll set a goal. So, that’s what we’re doing, progression step by step!

My pants split again so that wasn’t good. Need to eat less.

Met up with Joel again last week. Unfortunately, Edmond doesn’t seem too interested anymore. He got his friend to answer the phone and say it wasn’t his. Joel is doing well though. When we had our lesson with him, we talked to him more about the restoration of the Church and The Book of Mormon. He had been reading it and had some good question. The best part was that Germaine bore a wonderful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. It was a beautiful, eloquent, and sincere testimony that I know brought the Spirit and that testified of the truth. Sometimes as missionaries, we take for granted what true testimony bearing is and should be. But then we remember when we hear one that is full of conviction, to know that it is the Spirit that teaches, that we really are instruments in the Lord’s hands. I suppose that sounds like a typical cliché/Sunday school answer. But there is truth and power in that statement. We’re meeting with him tonight!

I was commenting to Elder Stone that I had been rather annoyed with people correcting me often 9it seemed that way too me anyway), and he made a great comment that humbled me. First, I thought about how prideful I was for being so derisive of criticisms, but Elder Stone made a great comment when he said that when leaders bug us, it is because they see the potential in you, and they are trying to nurture it. That gave me a bit of comfort and peace. I’m really trying to learn to not bother what people think of me, but really focus on how I act and behave around other people, to do my best to be who I know I must be, and not worry about anything else.

The Sisters passed us a great referral. The man’s name is Samson and he’s from Myanmar. Even though he can’t understand much English, he really has a desire to learn. He’s Christian already so that’s a bonus. Even though he doesn’t have much, he’s just humble and happy. People have said to me more than once that the only people that seem to turn to the missionaries, or who let us teach them, are those who are poor and who have problems. After having thought about that for some time, I have come to the realization that that it probably a true statement. But, what of it? The reason why we have those people to teach is because these are the people who come to realize, through humility, that we can’t always depend on ourselves. They see that there is more to life than its normal ramblings. In the scriptures, it talks about those who are compelled to be humble, and those who are humble because of their love for God. Humility is an interesting thing, isn’t it? People often overlook that virtue.

We bumped into my old chemistry teacher from middle school yesterday. Actually, we had walked past her, and I realized that I really did know her. I felt really guilty for not talking to her, so we rushed back to the MRT, right where we were, and found her. She wasn’t too interested, but she was nice enough. And, I felt peace. Peace because I had done was right. I had, to my viewpoint, almost been like Peter, denying Christ and running away. So, my short lesson and testimony to my old teacher reaffirmed my faith.

Gave the district training this week! :)

Anyhow, Elder Perrett wants the computer, so I’ll finish up with a nice little thought that I’ve been focusing on.

I’ve been thinking this week about all the uncertainties in life, both in mission life, and post mission life. A quote kept coming back to me from a talk by Elder Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, that has helped me, and I leave it with you to ponder on this week. He said “put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest to Him.”

Have a wonderful week!

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Liz Szilagyi said...

I loved teaching people from Myanmar (spelling ?). They were always so golden. I love the story about your old teacher too. I can't even imagine serving a mission somewhere I grew up with all sorts of people I knew. You're great! Keep up the good work.