Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alma 22:18

The weeks seem a blur to me. More often than not, Tuesday rolls by without me realizing it. Sunday doesn’t rest either. People say two years is a long time, and it really is. But, it really is hard to fathom that I’ve been out for over a year now.

Anyhow, we’ve had yet another normal week. Well, normal in terms of the fact that we’ve been walking around, teaching people, and being happy missionaries. I guess you could see every week of a mission that way. But, nah, we’ve had a wonderful week. We talked to many wonderful people by the way, we were able to get a record-high twenty-one new investigators for the week, and we’ve had a wonderful time serving the old, learning and growing, struggling to be better.

We were able to meet up with the Filipino family again. They were great and asked some questions about the legitimacy of authority and all that. Sunday was a bummer because we had planned to have quite a few investigators at Church, and ended up only having Pan come. We did have a good English class that night though. We had our usual group there, and had a fun time teaching them. It’s a really fun thing to do, and it’s a wonderful service opportunity too. I really wish that we had more time for service. Serving in the office definitely counts as service though. I love the office. Have I told ya’ll that already. It is such a privilege to work with President Skelton, to draw from his wit and wisdom. It’s wonderful to see the Church run administratively, but still see how much the hand of the Lord is in all of it.

We’re working on rebuilding our teaching pool now from the baptisms that we’ve had the past three months. We spent some time contacting referrals from Salt Lake, which was interesting, because we always end up getting lost, and we can’t find our way back after we find the place! It really is an adventure with all this referral contacting. Missionary work is just pure fun. We call people to set up return appointments, and sometimes they don’t answer, believe it or not. Anyhow, when they call back, it always takes a minute or two to figure out who we’re talking to.

The big bummer that inevitable happens is that we have all these appointments planned, we turn up, and they aren’t there!

On Sunday, we met up with an interesting character named Jim, from China. Apparently he’s met up with a lot of Mormons before. Had some good questions, but some misconceptions that he couldn’t seem to rationalize.

We’ve had a bunch of really sick missionaries.

Unfortunately, one of our senior couples had to go home because the Elder developed cancer. Also, one of our single missionaries has to go home because of some brain problems. Ah, we’re losing too many missionaries and not enough coming in! We need more! It seems that challenges come no matter how faithful you are. The Lord definitely doesn't test us beyond that which we can handle, but he will test us and stretch us till we're malleable enough for Him to truly mold.

I've really been thinking about this past year. About how things have been, how things have changed. I've been seeing my shortcomings more and more, which is rather annoying at times, but I really am trying to change to be better. My temper is really short still, I really think pride plays a big factor. Oh, if I could be more humble. Working so hard for that, but it still seems to slip from my grasp every time I think I'm doing better. I suppose words can't adequately decribe what I'm trying to say. Anyhow... Alma 22:18. Read that and think about it.

Had our spring cleaning today. Well, I think I’m done for today.


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