Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're On Fire!!!!

I have a new companion! Elder Wheelwright from Ogden, UT transferred to the office on Monday from Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. He's been out seven months, and we've been doing great together! Elder Stone was transferred to Bintulu. It's been an interesting few days. Second time being senior companion, and I'm now district leader. I wasn't ready to lead last time, but I feel ready now, and it has been good! There was some district reshuffling, so the zone leaders moved out, and we now have the Toa Payoh Elders in our district. I served in that ward for seven months, and it's now my home ward again! So, it's interesting. Fun though.

So, last Monday, we had some time between our last appointment and the time that we were supposed to be hope, so we decided to visit an older member and his wife who lived on the hill across the street from our house. They were home, and had a good visit with them. The husband had just had eye surgery, so he had been resting for awhile. Towards the end, I asked if they would like us to share a scripture with them. I felt prompted, so or I thought. Anyhow, I flipped through the Book of Mormon and settled on Alma 11:42-44. It looked good to me in that second, so I shared the scripture, only to realize how mistaken I was as I started reading it. Fumbled around and managed to get to another scripture, but the damage was done. Awkward.

Bunch of Elders headed home on Thursday. Elder Wright was in that group, my first companion to finish! Most of my companions have been young!

Our awesome investigator family headed back to the Philippines last week, so that was sad. Peter, the Father is staying behind for a few more months though, so we'll be teaching him. Sent the referral to the missionaries in the Philippines where one of my good friends from BYU, Elder Titensor, is in the office in that mission too! We visited with the family a couple of days before they went home and had a good lesson with them about the plan of salvation. They said that they would have the missionaries continue to teach them when they got back home. I really hope that it works out. Right before we left their house, they gave us each a Ritek Heath Board that is supposed to help us with our backs and our feet. They said that they knew that we walked a lot, and wanted to give it to us to help us. I was extremely humbled by their experience. This family has hardly anything in their home, and they have to work so hard to support their family, but they gave so selflessly. It really made me think of how stingy and selfish I have been throughout my life (one of the quirks of an only child I guess), and just how amazingly generous and thoughtful they were. Oh, I hope that I can be like them.

Had a good turnout at our English class on Saturday. Eight people! It was good! Pan still won't set a baptism date. I guess we'll just be working slow and steady with her. I think that we have been too pushy anyhow.

Sunday afternoon, we met up with Jim, a rather skeptical investigator who said that he had lost curiosity and didn't want to meet. He seemed pretty sad about his friends dying because of alcohol/medication poisoning. Didn't really want to figure out his purpose in life though. Sad. He just wanted to have as much "fun" as possible.
We were able to set a baptism date a couple of days ago with Dave, an investigator whom we haven't met with for awhile. He said that he had been really busy, but hadn't seen us for awhile, so he told his boss that he had to go out for a short time. It was good!

Velmurugan is great also. Reading from The Book of Mormon twice a day!

Elder Wheelwright came in on Monday, and we have had a great couple of days! We've been able to get quite a few new investigators. We've both been contacting diligently, and it is producing results. Ah, when you work hard, it really does pay off. You reap what you sow! We did have a couple of embarrassing moments yesterday though. My district training was on using the The Book of Mormon and Bible, and one of my commitments was for each companionship to give out two copies of the book a day. When we headed out in the evening, we forgot to take some copies with us. A lady that Elder Wheelwright contacted asked for one, and we didn't have any to give her! As we were talking to people at Vivo City, a member visiting from Montana approached me, chatted for awhile, then asked if I had a copy of the Book of Mormon to give a student of his who was rather interested (he was part of an orchestra from Montana State). He looked rather appalled when I sheepishly told him that I didn't have a copy on me.

What a shame!

Aside from that, good week! Well, not too many letters floating in. Would love a show of love! Anyhow, my birthday is coming up! 21 in less than a month. Time flies!

Elder Wheelwright and I have set a goal to lead the Zone! We're on FIRE!!!! (said with humility).

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