Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Normal Week

So on our last all-day P-day, we played futsal, a indoor soccer game, which really hurt. I am out of shape. Trying to work on a light exercise (can't strain my heart too much), and diet regimen. We'll see how that goes.

We went over to Kai Xin’s place for her birthday last Wednesday. Her Dad’s a chef, and so he cooked a bunch of food for us to eat that was great. Well, it was Chinese food, so I enjoyed it. Through some scheming methods, I got Elder Stone to try some weird dishes. We were able to get to know Kai Xin’s family better, though her parents only speak Mandarin and Cantonese. They were really nice, and we enjoyed being with them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to visit sometime soon and have them be even more comfortable with the Church.

We had dinner at the Petersen’s on Thursday, and had Li Zhen and Joseph both come over. Li Zhen and Joseph are less-active recent converts, and they are pretty hard to get hold of, so it was wonderful to be able to meet up with them. They both agreed to come to Church on Sunday, and they did, so that was wonderful. That Thursday night, we had gone over with Li Zhen to the NUS Conservatory (since she’s a paino major), and heard her play some beautiful music. I’m now absolutely in love with Brahms Fantasias Op. 116. On Friday,we were able to meet up with Velmurugan. He’s doing as well as ever, and was really happy when we saw him, which made our day. Finished up with looking for the lost sheep, which was a relief. I actually do enjoy looking for these people. I’ve been going to places in Singapore that I’ve never been to before. We had an appointment in Boon Lay which we headed to, but they fell through for the second time, which was rather frustrating, but oh well, just takes it as it comes.

Sunday was good. We met up with Pan (not Ban), Pheonix’s wife, and we were able to finish teaching her the Plan of Salvation. Unfortunately, when she challenged her to be baptized, she said no, her reason being that she really didn’t understand it well enough, which I think was great for her to say. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help her along. I can definitely understand her having a culture shock moving here for Myanmar, being a newlywed, and learning about a new religion from two foreigners. She’s really sincere about learning though. She came up to us a few days ago while we were waiting for another investigator at her place and asked us how to pray properly. We were able to meet up with Li Zhen in the evening. We showed her a video of the Five Browns, which she enjoyed, and then got to watch her play the piano again, which was absolutely amazing. We headed over to our English class after that. When we told Li Zhen where we were doing and what we were going to do, she got all excited, so we invited her to come along, and she did! The class went well. We had Velmurugan (who shaved his moustache off and looks really young), Pan, Li Zhen, and a couple of Pheonix/Tun Naing’s friends. We did an evaluation session to gauge their level of English, which was fun, they all seem to be really excited.
Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal, just some finding and a single appointment, though we did find some good people, so we’ll be following up on them. Oh wait, Monday was wonderful because we contacted a great referral from the Philippines. Along the way, we stopped an Indian lady to ask for directions, and she was really helpful. She also agreed to meet us with her family sometime! Anyhow, the referral was really nice. There are four children in the family. Dad’s Singaporean. Unfortunately, the family goes back to the Philippines in a couple of weeks while the Dad will stay here for awhile longer. We should have contacted that family a few weeks ago when we received the referral! Ah! The price of procrastination!

Well, I hope that you all have a good week! I’m turning 21 in less than two months, crazy!


Anonymous said...

me again .. it is Friday this week and no post! haha ... well, i guess myldsmail was down this week so you may have an excuse!

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

let me speak to you upon having a change of heart...very rarely does it happen all at once...most often it happens on small moment at a time, time after time, and one day, you will recognize that you are different...and it will be amazing. I have a particular impatience for not being more patient!! haha!! and yet every so often, I look back and realize that it is easier on yourself, Elder, you're only mortal. all my love and God's blessings.