Thursday, November 6, 2008


Had a great week thisa week. It was a little long since preparation day was a day leter, but other than that, awesome! We had a whole bunch of appointments that cancelled on us this weeek, but it actually worked out really well because the work has been pretty crazy!

We taught Jennifer again, this time with Elder Pace. We also brought a member, Sister Lai, who has a daughter right around the same age as Jennifer's. We started theb lesson off, and discussed the beginning parts of the Restoration. We thought that it was going really well. But, when we got to the First Vision, she suddenly asked, "Why are you pushing this religion on me?" We were really surprised and asked her what she was asking. She then told us that she thought that we were just meeting as friends. I guess there was a huge misunderstanding between us. Unfortunately, she then proceeded to rudely tell us how close minded we were, and how we needed to loosen up. Of course, we tried explaining it to her, and offered her a copy of the Book of Mormon, but she said that she would never read it or convert, and continued talking rubbish about how closed we were to the world. We were just really sad about the whole incident, and it just made me see hoe close minded some people are, who think they are better than others, judge them, and refuse to look at the world around them. It was definitely an eye opener to part of the world around me.

On Saturday, we had to start packing. Elder Pace had to pack for the transfer, and I had to pack because I've just moved to an apartment that is a lot more convenient for our area. I'm now living with the Mandarin Elders.

We went over to the Govindasamy's for their Deepavali dinner, and had a great time over there. It was wonderful food, and we were able to fellowship them. In addition, they invited their non-member friends over and we were able to talk to some of them about the Church. One of the men that ElderPace talked to was an inactive members, and we learned that he left the Church because his girlfriend had said she would marry him, but went to BYU and married someone else instead. Elder Pace just had a good chat with him about the Church. Hopefully that man will see the light again someday.

On Sunday, Elder Pace and I both bore our testimonies, had Church and all that, and, that night, had dinner at a member's home. That night, Elder Kwok (who transferred to Kuching) and I packed to past midnight. Elder Pace packed till right around then too. The next day, we headed over to the Church and said our goodbyes. Headed back home to unpack and all that, then headed back to the office. There, we found out that Elder Hoare and I were only going to be companions for five days. We were so looking forward to be companions, so it was sad that we were able to be companions longer. Elder Hoare will be heading up to Penang, and one of the Elders from Penang is headed here. We asked why we had to have the transfer, and they said that it was for the best of the mission. My new companion will be Elder Wright, and I'm going to be the senior companion, even though my new companion has been on a mission a year longer than me. President Skelton said that I just have to step up and be a leader now, and be loving, so I will have to do my best. Do pray for me!

We've been passed the Brazilian family that I originally contacted, and their baptism date is set for November 22nd, so it is going to be awesome! I'm so excited!

We've spent the last few days just doing some contacting and planning. Haven't been able to plan too well these past couple of weeks with same companion, so it's going to be a crazy week next week!

Well, do write! I would love to receive more letters!

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