Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"My Country"

Hi everyone, It's been a pretty normal week. We've just had some teaching appointments, and we've also spent a bit of time contacting. I guess there's nothing really too much to report! Benn working with my new companion, Elder Wright, it's a little bit of a challenge, but I'm learning to develop more humility, patience, and charity as I try my best to serve him the best that I can.

For the past two Sundays, Jeff and Tyler Showalter, some close family friends, were in town from New York. I spent a summer with them a couple of years ago doing an internship. It was wonderful to see them. It really is amazing how time flies! I just love having friends in the gospel!

I had a wonderfully spiritual experience in District Meeting yesterday. Elder Colvin's training was on being "Called to Serve." He first showed us a video called "An Ensign to the Nations," which talked about the pioneers of the Church around the world. One part talked about a prophecy made by a Maori Wise Man who prophesied about the LDS missionaries coming. After that, he showed the segment on Asia, about the dedication of Hong Kong, and about Dr. Kim, a Korean who was instrumental in building and starting the Church in Korea. He put his reputation on the line for the Church, in a country where "face" means everything. After that, we read the dedicatory prayer of Singapore, which was given by Elder Ezra Taft Benson, then of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, later prophet of the Lord. As we read it paragraph by paragraph, I really felt the Spirit. As I read the paragraph I was assigned to, I broke down because I finally realized that the Lord has called me to serve in Singapore for a reason. This is my country, these are my fellow countrymen, and I feel that it is such a privilege to serve them, even though they might not want it. Where ever we are called to on our missions is where the Lord needs us to go because he knows that there are certain people in the world that we have been specifically called to minister to. ,being able to serve in my own country. The Stake President has a desire to see Singapore have two Stakes, so that we can petition for a temple. I pray that the work will go forth, which will them enable this miracle.

This particular quote by President Hinckley has really inspired me. It goes, "To missionaries: Go forward. Do your work. It's so very, very important. You have on your narrow shoulders the responsibility of teaching the gospel to a world that doesn't want it. At least they think they don't want it because they haven't tasted of it. And for many, many of those people you are the only source of knowledge they will ever have of this Church. It is so very important that you make a good appearance. Someday someone might well say, 'Well, yes, I met two of your missionaries years ago and I've been thinking about it ever since then. Come in and tell me what you have to offer.' Go forward with faith and without fear."Well, do hope to hear from you all sometime. Christmas is just around the corner! Well, Thanksgiving than Christmas. Do think about what missionaries "away" from home love for Christmas! :P

Love, Elder Chua

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