Wednesday, October 29, 2008



We've had a pretty good week. Nothing too eventful. Don't have too much time to write today anyhow, so I'll just update you the best that I can.

We went on exchanges on Thursday, but this time I went out with Elder Colvin, our District Leader. Spent quite a few hours talking to him. It seems that he could tell that I had been changing since the first time he met me at the start of my mission, so we talked about those changes, and how it's been affecting me and missionary. The thing is, I've had two fairly decent companions, but three things that they keep talking about are money, family, and themselves, and so, over the past five months, I've been fairly frustrated. Also, they've always had a comeback to a comment that I make that contradicts a comment or question that I've made or asked, and so, over the past few months, I've closed up and put my guard up. Only with certain people have I really been myself. The other thing we talked about was how I act sometimes. I've started to notice this past year just how immature I've been at times, and, of course, other people have too. So, we talked about how I just need to watch how I act according to my surroundings. We also talked about my spending habits and how I can be more thrifty. Elder Colvin also gave me some advice on how to work with and deal with different people. All in all, it was a great discussion because I learned much about what I can do to change and be the person that I want to be, that my parents want me to be, but most importantly, to be the person that the Lord wants me to be. I've spent this past week reflecting on these things, and it's been good just seeing what I've done, what I'm doing now, and what I can do and work towards in the future.

Elder Colvin and I taught a lady named Jennifer who is in her 40's with a 7 year old daughter. We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and our purpose in life, and she was pretty receptive. However, she wants someone who is more "experienced" in life, so we're bringing an older member to our next meeting.

The whole week has been filled with rumors about transfers, and the Zone Leaders, who we live with, already knew, and Elder Pace figured out while he was in the office, so they were teasing me about it the whole week! Anyhow, I finally found/figured out that Elder Pace is being transferred to Kota Kinabalu on Monday, and my new companion will be Elder Hoare from Australia. Elder Hoare served in my home ward before I left on the mission so that's funny I guess. The mission is removing the expatriate ward missionaries due to the lack of success, not because of the missionaries but because of the area. So, Elder Ip is going to Petaling Jaya, while Elder Hoare will, well, be with me.

Elder Pace and I had a lesson with Prasanth yesterday, we managed to commit him to a new baptism date, and we taught him about faith. We weren't really making any progress, then Aravin sat down with us and bore his testimony. They are both in similar situations, but we were surprised with Prasanth opened up and started asking Aravin a whole bunch of questions, which Aravin answered, along with bearing his testimony. It was such a wonderfully powerful testimony, and it was a great way to end the night!

Well, we have Zone Conference next week so I won't be writing till Thursday! Have a great week!

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