Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi Everyone

Well, we had a relatively good week! We had a few good appointments, and also had some great experiences. First of all, Aravin passed his baptismal interview, so he is being baptised on October 18th. We are so excited that he decided not to firewalk, but instead, has decided to take that leap of faith to join the Church. Peter, our recent convert, has been very helpful and active in helping us with our lessons

A few days ago, while we were waiting for Peter at church, a member approached us and said that there was a man smoking in the car park. By the time we got down, he was done smoking. He was waiting to deliver some food for a function and had come early. He still had some time left, so we invited him to come up with us and learn and he agreed. Ye Hua, from China, turned out to be one of the best people whom I have ever taught. Since he only understood Mandarin, I taught him with that member who also spoke Mandarin. Elder Pace stayed with Peter. It was a wonderful lesson where I know that we all felt the Spirit, when I really understood the wonderful Plan of Salvation that our Heavenly Father has for us. It is wonderful to know that God gave us our families, and that he loves us, that he knows each one of us, and has a plan for each of His Children.

We also had an audio visual cantata this past weekend, which was pretty successful. I was privileged to teach many a lesson this week with the sprit as I contacted, no that I haven’t been. It is just that I have come to really feel and understand now how to teach with the Spirit daily.

The best thing I’d like to leave with you is something that I have learned this week about faith and obedience. I’m handwriting this letter for my mom to type as I have limited time. So, till next week! God Bless! Oh! I’ve suddenly stopped receiving letters, so if you feel inclined to write ( or not), please do write! Remember the promise ( contest)!

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