Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"A New Beginning"

Hey Everyone!

It's a new beginning! It's been a great two days so far! My trainer is Elder Pace from Sacramento. He's a great guy and we have a lot in common, along with friends that we both know. It's wonderful to be serving as the Lord's missionary once again. We've had a good two days of contacting and tracting. I'm currently serving in the Toa Payoh Ward, that covers a huge part of Singapore. It's actually a ward that I spent quite a few years in while I was growing up, so it's kinda crazy. We had our district meeting yesterday, and I had a great time. We were taught about putting our full effort into the work, so that when we return home, we can report that we did our best, both to the Stake President in his office, and to the Lord in the temple. We have an investigator who is set to be baptized next Saturday. His name is David, and he's gone cold turkey from smoking. He's a wonderful guy and treats the missionaries to food often. I'll be having a welcome dinner with my Mission President and his wife tomorrow. I guess there isn't much to report in two days, but it's been fun, though it's been weird approaching people randomly. Well, it's the Lord's work, and I love it!

We met a guy on a train who seemed pretty interested, so we'll probably meet up with him on Sunday. We talked to a Chinese guy who mistakenly called our number instead of the other Elders, but we sorted it out, so we're meeting with him on Saturday. It's hard to wake up early sometimes, but I guess it's not too bad. We can take naps on preparation day, so that's good too, let's us rest more. We also can do laundry whenever, because they realize for missionaries can't share a washer and dryer in one day. It's really a lot better than I thought it would be. We have a swimming pool at our Condo but unfortunately we can't swim. But, they have tennis courts and we can play tennis. We've been walking around and I really like that because it's helping me to exercise. It's also good that I'm seeing other places in Singapore that I've never visited before, getting into the heartlands. Some of the other living quarters aren't supposed to be as good, so I'm really lucky right now. Elder Pace had had a stomach problem since he returned from Malaysia, so he always has to go to the bathroom. We get along really well and have a lot to talk about. His cousin was in my vocal skills class at the Y! Also, the Relief Society president in my ward fall semester was one of his good high school friends. It really is a small world. We have quite a few dinner appointments, I'm told that the members feed the missionaries really well. Well, if you have time do, do write! If you don't have time, do still write please! Take care and God bless. This work is wonderful and I love it. I'll definitely have more to write next week!

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