Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Seeing the Lord's Hand"

Hi Everyone!

This week has been great! The work is going forth here in Singapore! I had my welcome dinner on Thursday, while one of the Elders had his farewell dinner. He had to go home a little early because he has a pretty serious medical problem. But, he is an amazing guy and he bore a wonderful testimony of his love of the gospel and the Savior. I hoped that I can be like him one day. The food that Sister Skelton, my Mission President's wife made was wonderful. A new Senior couple was also there and it was great getting to know them. They are now laboring in East Malaysia.

We've been going around contacting this week, and for a few days we haven't been getting too many good contacts. But, we have been getting many referrals from Elders from different areas. I guess the Lord blesses us for our work in many different ways. There have been a couple of promising contacts. One Indonesian Chinese guy that I met on a bus on the way to contact a referral has turned out to be wonderful. I went on a split with Elder Howes who is on his visa run in Malaysia. We taught this guy, Edmond, who is a new Christian and very excited about the gospel. He questioned us about baptism and we explained it to him, along with the steps that he needs to take before he can be baptized. He was so excited that he committed to be baptized during our first lesson with him! His baptism date is set for July 5th so hopefully all goes well! We've met quite a few people who are drawn to the Church because of the Plan of Salvation. I guess that there are many people who are indeed searching for the purpose of life, and it's great teaching them about how we can return to God and live with our families forever. It's wonderful seeing the Lord's hand in the work.

We received a call this week from a guy who has been contacted by a previous missionary a couple of months before who promised to call that missionary. We were able to get him to meet with us. He met us with his friend and we were able to teach them more about the gospel, the restoration and the Plan of Salvation. He said that it seemed like a very positive plan so hopefully that works out.

When we went on splits last night, both companionship's were very successful and we were able to teach a good number of people. We ended up the day with fifteen other lessons taught! I've been able to see some parts of Singapore that I've never seen before! It's really cool to be able to teach the people of my country!

Well, do write me if you have time! Take care and God bless! Have a wonderful week! Take care and God Bless!


FunNana =) said...

It's great to hear that you are doing so well, Elder!! I get news from Elder Palomaki from his mom who forwards his messages. It's great that your uncle is helping you out with your correspondance. I will pray for both you and Elder P. for great succcess, a pure heart, and a closeness to the Spirit. Carry on! Sister Ogden

Anonymous said...

Hello Elder Chin - This is an interesting Blog. Please fill us in on how you were able to get back onto your mission. I read where your father insisted you come home, but now see that you are back on your mission. It would be interesting to read that story.

Thank you!