Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back Out!

The plans that Heavenly Father has for us are so wonderful. Sometimes we don't understand why for the moment, but in time, we come to see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of our lives.

As you all know, my Dad, out of love, had me come off my mission. For a period of time, I really could not understand why this had to happen, why I had to go through this ordeal. But, throughout these past few months, I have come to see what the Lord wants me to learn, and the blessings that come from being patient when it comes to obeying and patiently understanding His will.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to serve in various callings in the two wards that i have been at BYU. The callings have helped me prepare to go on my mission again! I talked to my Dad over Christmas, and continued talking to him on the phone. Amidst the prayers and love of those around me, he allowed to go back to the mission field!

I love my parents dearly, and hope that i will be able to be a good missionary as i go back out into the field!

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