Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Love To See The Temple!

I had the opportunity to have my endowment done on August 4th, 2007 in the Hong Kong China Temple, one of President Hinckley's favorites. :) I went with Brother Pendergrass, and got to meet up with Brother Morey, one of my best friend's Dad. They were my escorts through the temple. It was a wonderful privilege and experience, being able to make covenants with the Lord and learn more of his plan for me and for each of his children. I loved being in the Celestial Room, knowing that I was and I am that much closer to Heavenly Father. The temple is a beautiful place, and I absolutely love being there, knowing that the Lord himself has walked down its halls, and sanctified it with his presence.

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Carmen, Rich and Celeste said...

Hi Elder!
I am happy for you that you can serve as the Lord's missionary again. I love Singapore. It is such a wonderful place. Good luck on your mission. I am grateful for missionaries. Without them I would not have come to know the Gospel.