Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Peace I Give Unto You"

Another week of growing, another week of doing and becoming. I'm definitely getting a lot more reflective, and I suppose that it's because time has just gone by so fast. Elder Sederholm was reading his previous journal entries. As I thought about when I started my mission, I was amazed that all that time has gone by. In the wink of an eye indeed.

Our next baptism is set for March 6th. Isabel is a great investigator who has overcome some setbacks, and is well on her way o being baptized.

As Zone Leaders, we have to go on exchanges with the District Leaders. Elder Sederholm went out into the other missionaries' areas both times, so I was left to keep our area going. It was rather nerve wrecking, because we had multiple appointments, and I had to teach in Chinese without my companion's help. Thankfully, we had members to help us, except for one appointment that really tested my ability and stretched me out!

Li Tong is doing great. She accepted a baptism date for March 13th. It was a wonderful couple of lessons that we had with her, because she is set on it! Teaching her alone with a member was hard at first, but she was really patient and understood what I was saying. It was great to be able to find the words to teach her about the Plan of Salvation. We had originally decided not to set a baptism date till she had spoken to her husband. But, as we got to the end of the lesson, I had an overpowering feeling to ask her about it. I should have been more bold, but we asked her what she thought about it, and she said that she had actually talked to her husband about it, and wanted to be baptized. Later on, we received an email from her husband saying that she was really strong-willed, and he wanted her to make the decision for herself, which she did. She feels so comfortable in Church and talks about the peace that she feels when she comes to Church. Joy! When we brought baptism up again during her next lesson, she stated it like it was a fact that she was going to be baptized! When we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, she felt bad that she had been drinking coffee! The best part is that she'll be back to Ephraim, UT in a few months, and we can visit with her.

Jenny is Isabel's Mom. When we taught her yesterday, it was once again without my companion. She had been taught before by the other Elders but she forgot it all. I was really struggling with my Chinese because it was a lesson that I hadn't really taught before. When we asked her about baptism, she said she wasn't ready because she didn't know enough. Took awhile to formulate the words in my mind, but I eventually was able to bear my testimony and teach her about the true joy that she could have in the Church of Jesus Christ, with the authority from God. She had some great questions which were answered, with the help of a couple of members. One in particular helped really well. Jenny told us that she had stopped going to her Church and would now only come to ours when she was free because of the peaceful an calm feeling that she felt at Church. It was something to think about, two people talking about the peace that they feel in Church. The Spirit is a marvelous thing. The peace that the Savior promised is tangible.

As usual, time goes by fast. Have a great week!

-Elder Chua

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