Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Blessings

Elder Lamat gets transferred on Friday. My new companion will be Elder Klemm, fresh out of training! Should be good. Elder Stone, one of my former companions, is the new Assistant! I'm excited for that!

We've had a decent week. Our investigators are slowly starting to progress. We have had two great weeks with a total of nineteen investigators at Church the past two weeks. We're working on getting them on baptism date. Slowly but surely.

Rhea's back on track for baptism next week. We had a wonderful lesson with her. We haven't been able to get to the root of the concern. But, as Elder Hall(we were on exchanges) and I talked to her, and the member bore her testimony, Rhea started to cry, and told the member that she was holding out because she felt that she wasn't worthy. It was an amazing experience when we then bore our testimonies about the Atonement and how much that really meant and can help us in our lives. It was a good lesson for me to remember, that the central focus of our doctrine is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know how much it can help us.

My Dad responded to the missionaries invitation to listen to their talks in sacrament meeting!
Been getting quite a few referrals from members and missionaries, which has been a little blessing for us this past week.

Teaching an investigator who used to learn from the Sisters. She's really good. Just helping her to see who she is as a daughter of God, and how she should not meddle with things of the occult. She has some items that are rather scary, and we're talking to her about that. The power of the adversary is real.

But, I learned something this past Sunday. Brother Jay and his family are moving. In his testimony, and then his lesson in Sunday, he talked about how, through the years, he has come to know that no man or spirit can have power over us, because as we put our faith and belief in God, we can and will be protected and guided. He bore a wonderful testimony of how the Savior has always helped his family. I can't really express it as well as he did, but it was moving. One great thing that he said was that he's learned that sometimes Heavenly Father counsels and teaches him through his wife. Good lesson to learn.

Found out that a girl I contacted a while ago got baptized. Passed her on to the Mandarin Elders and thought nothing of it. It was just a short contact, but she's now a member of the Church! No effort is wasted! Heavenly Father really does work miracles in our lives. I love these little blessings.

Gave a talk on Sunday. Wrote one originally that the Assistants and President though would get the whole congregation walking out on me. So, I changed it. I'll send it out/put it up soon. I talked about what we are thankful for in our lives. Well, Happy December. Do keep in touch, especially during this amazing season!

I love Christmas!

-Elder Chua

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