Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I think my long email/blog days are over! Do read the older ones when you can for longer ones! :)

Elder Rothwell and I gave our Zone Training yesterday, which was great fun to prepare and also to give. We focused on President Clark's training for the Zone Leaders, where we talked about being substitute teachers. We focused on:

1. Teaching by the Spirit
2. Preparation
3. Personal Worthiness
4. Quality
5. Focusing on the Investigator

We learned a lot as we prepared for the lesson by drawing from scriptures and Preach My Gospel, knowing what we can and should do to be better missionaries, and how to motivate our Zone to be the best that they can be. It really is in the teaching that you really learn. As we gave the training, there were all these thoughts coming into my head to talk about! It was a great experience!

We're still working on getting new investigators. We have a few that we thought would progress fast, but they are going a little slower than we thought. Bit by bit though. We're slowly getting our number of investigators at Church back up. It's a struggle, but it's the challenge that we are going to overcome!

The Stake put up a musical. Did a great job, though it was very Mormon cheesy, but that's why it was good! We brought two investigators that commented, while the prelude music was playing, that they didn't like that kind of music but preferred Lady Gaga. Somehow, one sat through all of it, and the other, most of it. I love the feelings that come from the Spirit. It is unlike any other, and it's hard to get investigators to understand sometimes that it is such an individual feeling.

Time goes so fast! We have to rush off again! The work continues to go on, and my Mandarin is slowly improving. I hope that everyone is doing well. Do let me know how you are all doing!

-Elder Chua

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