Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Can't Think of a Title

Got a new companion yesterday, Elder Rajah-Kanagasabai. Elder Klemm is still here, so we're currently serving as a threesome. We haven't had much time in the office together but it'll definitely be weird for awhile, seeing that we only have one computer with three people all needing to do work on it. I'm sure we'll find a way though.

It has been a relatively interesting week. On Saturday night, we were walking home, and said hi to a couple that we were walking by (we always say hi to people as they walk past us). As we walked away, the lady called out to us. We turned back to them and started up a conversation with her. She asked where we were from, so we explained to her that we were missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She figured out that we were Mormon quick, explaining that it was a feeling she had. She was from North Carolina, and her husband was from Lichtenstein. They had a rather weird view of what we believed in. She didn't know that we believed in Jesus Christ, so we talked a little more about the Church, but got them a little weirded out when we told them that we believed that there were living prophets and apostles on the Earth today. She really wanted to talk to us more, but her husband started to get rather edgy. We were about to give her our name card, but her husband said that they didn't need it. She tried to take it from us, but her husband said that he had had bad experiences from Mormons, and, while he respected us, really didn't want the card. We really hope that we will be able to meet them again someday and help to gain a better understanding of the Church.

We're working with Brandon closely because he's not doing so well with coming to Church anymore. He's really being influenced by his friends and giving in to them.

I'm still working on my patience, and trying to be more accepting of people and their quirks. I get so easily stressed out by what people do and say, especially if it is not something I am used to. A mission really does teach you a lot, but sometimes it is so hard working with people who are rude, who have no manners, and who don't treat you with respect! But, I guess we can't be their judge. We just have to live life the best way that we can. I was once again The Root of Christian Doctrine yesterday, and once again thought more about the Atonement and what it does for us. I am still learning to apply it daily in my life, but I did gain a deeper sense of appreciation for the sacrament, and I hope to be able to be more thoughtful each time I take it, and to be more Christ-like in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

President wanted us to go over to the Bible college across the street to see if we could teach there. Unfortunately, they didn't even want to entertain us.

The members have been giving us quite a few referrals, and we're teaching them bit by bit, we have a couple of promising ones, so we'll see how it goes!

-Elder Chua

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