Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Thinking

Pretty busy week, but busy is good! This upcoming week though.. we have so much to do! Appointments… office work… planning…. Anyhow, it's been a decent week. We worked hard in the office. The Clark's were in, so that was good. But, they're off again in Hong Kong for a mission president's seminar, so we're alone here again. Still, there's no end to the work we do in the office, and I love it! The days have been going by rather fast, what with that and having all the appointments that we're finally setting up with the two areas that we are covering.

We're getting used to sitting through about 5-6 hours of Church each Sunday now. It's good in the sense that we can get investigators to two wards, and we're having a good time getting to know the members. They're friendly, so that's always good. We've been doing much better this week, as we've finally been able to settle in, but it's still a struggle to prioritize between appointments. Really working on planning well now. Since we're living right by the office now, we actually get to study at home, which means we get to focus, and we're ready and energized for the day!

We set a wonderful man named Alvin on baptism date last week, and he's really ready! He learned from the missionaries a few years ago, but got cold feet. Now, he's right on track because he's come to realize that the fullness of the gospel is found in this Church! He really is embracing the doctrine well. It is always a marvel when you find those who really are searching for the truth and recognize it. In fact, it was him who contacted us!

Leah is another investigator who is really ready for baptism. She is the helper of a member, and has been really excited for her baptism. She can't wait to be with her family forever! Her mother is already a member in the Philippines, so that is great. We're really excited for the both of them, and will continue to find those who have been prepared, as we too prepare ourselves each day to have the Spirit guiding us.

I've been studying from the Old Testament this past couple of weeks. Just finished up with Genesis and Exodus, which really have been amazing, really coming to understand the covenants that they made with the Lord in those days, and now, the covenants that we make as we become members of the Church, and, of course, the covenant that we renew each Sunday. We were talking about gifts of the Spirit in Gospel Principles. Part of that lesson entailed a short discussion of the concept of "always having His Spirit to be with us." It really gave me the opportunity to think about the sacrament. It's just been too trivial from me from time to time. But, I guess I'm learning bit by bit to link the Atonement with the Sacrament in a very real sense, knowing that it is something that we really are supposed to be thinking about, and remembering that it was something very real and sacred, that remembering it helps us to understand how the Lord "makes weak things become strong." I've really been impressed by the women of the Old Testament, namely Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel . Their obedience to the Lord was so admired, that the Lord commanded Abraham that "in all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice."

Well, we're going to continue on in all that we do. Some days, it really is hard, but we continue to do our best.

"The Best is Yet to Be!"

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