Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"By Small and Simple Things"

What a great week that we have had. In the past two weeks, we have gone from having two baptism dates set withour investigators to eleven baptism dates!

Elder Pace T. and I have been able to work together in love and unity to acheive this, and the Spiritof the Lord really has been with us to help us move the work along in our area.

I don't have much time to write today, soI guess I'lldo my best to cover all the main points.

We went on exchanges this week, where I was companions with Elders Longmore and Taimoni. We had a good time at the office, talking to people and learningto love each othermore. Elder Pace T. and Elder Colvin taught one ofour new investigators from Nicaragua who is a devout Catholic. She wasn't too happy that they appeared at her doorstep. But, as they taught her about the restoration of the gospel, she really opened up, so we'll definitely be teaching her again! That nitght, Elders Pace and Colvin were able to meet up with my parents for dinner, and share with them the message of The Plan of Salvation. It seems that they hadagreat time, and were able to teach my Dad more about the gospel. I was really happyto hear that, and hope thatthat will be able to continue. I love my parents so much, and hope that we can be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity someday!

A couple of days later, we were able to meet upwith a few of my Aunts and Uncle, two of them who are visiting from Hawaii, who are Charismatics and who have just finished a four year mission for their Church. Elder Pace T., Elder Taimoni and I were able to teach them about the restoration. Oh! What a powerful lesson it was. We worked together with such power and unity. The Spirit there was so strong and I know that they felt it, because we all felt it aswe boreour testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of The Book of Mormon, and thelove that God has for each one of his children.

On Sunday, Elder Pace qand Iwere able to present a new wardmissionplan, to get the membersmore involved with the work. It waswonderful tosee the members getting excitedabout the work.

0Lastly, for District Meeting, Elder Colvin played a video called "By Smal and Simple Things" put together by the California San Jose Mission. It wasam amazingly spiritualand inspirational video about how amazing and important member missionary work is. You can watch the video on this link. In fact, I chanllege you allto watch it, to inspire you, and to see and feelthe blessings of the Lord inyourlife, and just how much he loves each one of His children.

Well, I gotto go! I'll only be writing on Friday of next week because of Zone Conference!

Love you all!

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